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General Liability/Trial Practice

General Liability defense and trial practice are important parts of this firm’s work. The scope of the General Liability defense includes products liability, automobile, premises liability, lead, asbestos and mold claims, as well as security, dramshop and libel and slander claims. Our attorneys regularly try cases throughout the New York City and metropolitan area. Most of those cases are in jurisdictions which are considered to be quite volatile. For the most part we are asked by our clients to handle high exposure cases. We are proud of our reputation as a “trial firm” that has been answering the call for defendants for over fifty years.


Primary Contact:
Kevin J. Kelly
 (212) 993-9304 

Carol Abramson (212) 993-9351 
Emily R Ashman (212) 993-9380 
Michael Thomas Blumenfeld (212) 993-9311 
Peter M Canty 212-993-9352 
Richard W. Dawson  (212) 993-9343 
Robert Scott Delmond (212) 993-9321 
Anne Marie Esposito (212) 993-9366 
Darrell John (212) 993-9346 
Gail M. Kelly (212) 993-9340 
Kevin J. Kelly (212) 993-9304 
Teresa Anne Klaum (212) 993-9319 
Jung J. Lee 212-993-9338 
Sooyung T.A. Lee (212) 993-9318 
Michael Joseph Toolan (212) 993-9308 
Jonathan Toshio Uejio (212) 993-9324 
Tung Sing Wong (212) 993-9316