Construction Law

We specialize in representing owners, developers, contractors, construction managers, and trades and design professionals in all aspects of construction litigation.

Construction Accidents

Chaired by a former ironworker, the Construction Law Group has successfully defended clients for decades against construction accident personal injury claims. Our success is built on our familiarity with construction practices, union practices, and our knowledge of the intricacies of Sections 200, 240(1) and 241(6) of the New York State Labor Law, the Industrial Code, and the Workers’ Compensation Law. We have experience representing companies in every facet of the construction industry from owners, developers, and construction managers to general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We handle high exposure matters involving death, dismemberment, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, as well as lower exposure fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Many construction contracts provide for indemnification with respect to third party liability claims. Courts, however, will grant indemnification only if you can demonstrate an unambiguous intent to be indemnified under the circumstances. We have a proven track record for transferring liability (full and partial) vertically to agents, contractors, and suppliers by virtue of contractual indemnification, as well as defending against questionable indemnification claims. Construction accident claims also present complex insurance issues. We have specialized insurance coverage attorneys to provide advice regarding rights and obligations under commercial liability and professional liability policies.

Our expertise allows us to quickly analyze a case and advise on the best resolution strategy. The high value of many construction accident claims have forced companies in the industry to fund a larger portion of their liability risk with high deductibles or self-insured retentions. With a former senior risk professional in the practice group, we understand the metrics of legal expenditures. We employ an efficient matter management model and advanced technology to ensure that a successful defense is also a cost-effective one.

Construction Defects

Our firm has an established reputation for handling cases arising out of construction/design defects and related property damage cases arising from such defects. We have represented all sides of the construction industry in these matters, including, developers, owners, adjacent owners, contractors, trades, and design professionals. Given our broad experience with the differing interests in any particular litigation, our attorneys have a unique perspective and are able to identify potential risks and defense strategies for our clients that often go overlooked.

Architectural and Engineering Liability

We have a specialized group of attorneys who focus on the legal concerns of design professionals. We have vast experience handling various areas of risk and concern that are common to engineers and architects, such as design defect claims, contract disputes, and professional malpractice claims. Given our broad knowledge of the design industry, we are able to provide a vast array of advice to our clients in the design industry and anticipate their needs, often obviating the need for litigation at all.